Eight Bell Chiming Bracket Clock

Eight Bell Chiming Bracket Clock by Sinclair Harding Makers of Fine Clocks

This superb English Chiming Clock is hand made throughout. The beautiful hand engraving of the back plate and dial is the most obvious visible sign of the very high quality of the entire movement and case.

The movement has triple fusees spring driven through hand made chains, each being 6 feet long. The movement is made with quarter chiming on 8, cast and hand tuned bells, whilst the hour is struck on a ninth and larger bell and the chimes can be switched between Westminster and Whittington, or if you prefer, Westminster and St Michael.

The whole piece, being regulated by a recoil anchor escapement and Invar pendulum, is capable of very good time keeping.

The case is an elegant flat top style made from solid walnut and with movement complications comprising of a calendar, date indexing lever, mock pendulum and hour repeat button.

“Quarter chiming on 8 cast and hand tuned bells.”

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