Commissions & One-Offs

“We use state of the art design software, high tech computer controlled machinery, which when combined with traditional hand finishing results in unique clocks with soul and character."

Clock Commissions

    Brighton Pavillion

    Brighton Pavillion

    Individual clock developed from the rosemary design, we can take the rosemary design and make any style of clock based on any architecture- see Riffa also


    Riffa Tower Clock

    Customer involvement is ensured at every stage using the state of the art 3D solid modelling software which customers can view
    Grand Mosque

    Grand Mosque

    Complex Architecture can be miniaturised and incorporated into a clock design using existing or bespoke movements
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    Single Train Fusee

    Single Train Fusee

    A special commission Single train fusee movement with ½ second pendulum made for Marcus Wilkinson »

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      Our clocks can be seen in exclusive outlets throughout the world.

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